Endoscope Reprocessing

Endoscope Reprocessing

Since endoscopes are used repeatedly in the endoscopy suite, they must undergo strict reprocessing. This helps ensure that pathogenic microorganisms are eradicated to help prevent patient-to-patient transmission.

To support infection control practices, STERIS | US Endoscopy offers endoscope cleaning products for every step of the endoscope reprocessing cycle, from point-of-use and transport to manual cleaning and endoscope sterilization.

The wide range of chemistries and cleaning tools from STERIS | US Endoscopy break down soils and help protect the integrity of your devices. They also raise the standard of care and comply with industry guidelines.


GI Procedure Products


During GI procedures, infection prevention is a top priority in every endoscopy suite. As a leader in infection prevention, STERIS |US Endoscopy offers an extensive portfolio of single-use solutions that support patient safety and compliance with Infection Control Guidelines.

See GI Procedure Products


Point-Of-Use Reprocessing


Immediately following a procedure, it’s critical to pre-clean endoscopes at the bedside in the endoscopy suite. Promptly removing organic matter from the endoscope helps decrease microbial growth, the formation of biofilm, and channel blockages.

VIA bedside pre-cleaning kit

VIA® Bedside Pre-Cleaning Kit
This single-use kit includes a basin and sponge infused with a concentrated enzymatic solution and surfactants to immediately pre-clean an endoscope at bedside.


Bedside cleaning kit

Revital-Ox® Bedside Complete Pre-Cleaning Kit
Ready-to-use enzymatic detergent and infused sponge formulated to pre-clean the interior and exterior of flexible or rigid endoscopes at the bedside immediately following a procedure.


Revital-Ox<sup>®</sup> Bedside Concentrate

Revital-Ox® Bedside Concentrate Pre-Cleaning Kit
Just add water to this bedside pre-cleaning kit to begin reprocessing flexible and rigid endoscopes immediately following procedures.


Enzymatic Spong

Revital-Ox™ Enzymatic Sponge
Contoured sponge infused with pre-diluted Revital-Ox™ Enzymatic Detergent helps remove and prevent soils from drying on the exterior of flexible or rigid endoscopes.


Pre-Klenz Soak Shield

PRE-KLENZ™ Soak Shield
Enzymatic detergent proactively moistens and loosens soils from endoscopic instruments immediately after use and continues through transport, making endoscope reprocessing easier.




To avoid exposing patients, staff, and environments to biohazardous material, choose the right products to properly store, dry, and transport used endoscopes to the reprocessing area.

Take-Out transport pad

Take-Out® Transport Pad
The absorbent, leak-proof pad is designed for easy setup and to completely enclose the soiled endoscope after use and transport it to the reprocessing room.


Reliance Endoscope Transport System

Reliance™ Endoscope Transport System
This complete system features easy-to-use bags as well as leak- and puncture-proof bins for safe transport of up to six endoscopes at a time.


EndoBoot large endoscope tip protector

Large Endo-Boot™ Endoscope Tip Protector
This single-use option cushions delicate endoscopes more than 5mm in diameter during transport and storage to help prevent costly damage.


Small Endo-Boot endoscope tip protector

Small Endo-Boot™ Endoscope Tip Protector
This single-use option cushions delicate endoscopes up to 5mm in diameter during transport and storage to help prevent costly damage.


Manual Cleaning


One of the most important steps in endoscope reprocessing is manual cleaning with sponges, detergents, and brushes. Our portfolio of products is designed to break down soils and protect the integrity of delicate devices.

VIA Dry sponge

VIA™ Dry Sponge
Use this endoscope cleaning product during reprocessing after a procedure.


VIA enzymatic sponge

VIA™ Enzymatic Sponge
Infused with an enzymatic solution and surfactants to clean an endoscope or other instruments after use.


Lint free compressed sponge

VIA™ Lint-Free Compressed Sponge
Compressed design minimizes storage space while the durable, tear-resistant material helps clean an endoscope and lens following a procedure.


Enzymatic detergents

Revital-Ox™ Enzymatic Detergents
Cleans flexible or rigid endoscopes up to 4x faster than other detergents with a low-foaming, neutral-pH, and free-rinsing formula.


Double-Header Combination Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Brushes
Gently and effectively remove soils from endoscope channels, valves, and control heads with disposable, single-use endoscopic cleaning brushes.


Cleaning Verification


Quick detection of residual proteins on the internal and external surfaces of the endoscope is vital during the verification reprocessing step.

Verify Resi-test

VERIFY® RESI-TEST™ Cleaning Indicators
Designed to detect a broad spectrum of protein and protein residues with a sensitivity of ≥ 1μg.1

  1. VERIFY® RESI-TEST™ cleaning indicators Instructions For Use.


High-Level Disinfection or Liquid Chemical Sterilization


As semi-critical medical devices, endoscopes require major quality assurance for disinfection. Since they’re temperature sensitive, endoscopes must be reprocessed with high-level disinfectants or liquid chemical sterilization to help eradicate microorganisms during reprocessing.

Revital-Ox Resert

Revital-Ox® RESERT® High Level Disinfectant
Ready-to-use oxidative that is a fast, safe alternative to commonly used aldehyde [glutaraldehyde and ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA)] solutions.


Revital-Ox Resert R60

Revital-Ox® RESERT R60® Solution Test Strip
A chemical indicator designed exclusively to determine whether hydrogen peroxide is above the minimum recommended concentration (MRC) of 1.5%.


SYSTEM 1® endo Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System
An automated system for low temperature, liquid chemical sterilization of heat-sensitive complex endoscopes, such as duodenoscopes, and their accessories.


Drying & Storage


Protecting your endoscopes from costly repairs is crucial. That’s why STERIS offers a wide range of cabinets in many sizes and with a variety of features that enable you to efficiently store, dry, and manage your endoscopes.

Reliance™ Endoscope Drying and Storage Cabinets
Set a higher standard with innovative cabinets and vertical hanging racks that help assure that your endoscopes are consistently dried and stored properly.

VIA® Procedure Kits

Standardize infection control practices and minimize cross-contamination with a variety of single-use procedure kits from STERIS | US Endoscopy. Each kit contains a unique mix of supplies designed to streamline ordering, simplify endoscopy suite setup, and reduce turnover time. You can also order VIA® procedure kits – custom, which allow you to choose the products and quantities that best accommodate your specific needs.